"We learn more about the world when the distance and tensions around us are photographed."

Pablo Hassmann (b. 1988, Latin America) is a Berlin-based photographer since 2017. Before moving to Europe, he studied in Chile a Bachelor Degree in Journalism & Communication, a Diploma in Photography and later a Master Degree in Visual Studies. In the meantime he worked at the UNESCO in Quito, Ecuador (2012), organised a Photography Festival in Santiago de Chile (2016), teached photography in the Journalism School at the Universidad de Chile (2015-2016) and worked as a Visual Consultor for a corporate communication agency (2015-2017), among others.

In 2019 he co-founded Magma Studio where he colaborated to create portraits and motion film of Artists in Berlin. Today he is member of Magma Studio & KSTN Projektraum, both located in Berlin, Staff Photographer at Musikbahnhof Annahütte, Branderburg and Cofounder of Collective Lucky Pinhole, in Chile.

As a Latin American artist, he is a self-disciplined freelancer photographer who digs in the junction of media, portraiture and storytelling to hear and share the stories of the communities around him.

Available for collaborations, commissions & assignments.



IG @pablohassmann

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Pablo Hassmann

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