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[Short Docu] Al Aire Libres!
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Updated Oct 2022
Location BER
Topics Architecture, Art, Feminism, Film, Fine Art
Al Aire, Libres! is a women urban art exhibition and live-painting performance that invites four female muralists: JuMu @jumumonster (DE-PE), Caro Pepe @caro.pepe (AR), Rommy Gon @rommygon (CL) and GAMZE @_gamzeyalcin_ (TR). These mural artists will temporarily take over an open-air gallery with their artistic work, reflecting the role of women in public spaces through mural painting.

The open-air gallery has been designed by the architect José Aguad @contragua (CL), who is creating a temporary space as an extension of the street, where citizens can enjoy the artists‘ work outdoors. The collaborative work between the four muralists and the architect attempts to explore the possibilities of symbiosis between both fields in an urban physical context, created with the purpose of supporting the development of free-access art exhibitions.

This project is funded by @draussenstadt from Stiftung für Kulturelle Weiterbildung und Kulturberatung (SKWK) and INITIAL2 from @akademiederkuenste & Neu Start Kultur

Woman Muralist Open Air Gallery
šŸš From 24.09 to 08.10.2022 šŸš
@monopolberlin - Provinzstrasse 40-44, 13409, Berlin

Pablo Hassmann

Visual Storyteller from Latin America focused on Migrations, Arts, & Cultures. Currently available for commissions, collaborations, & cultural projects.
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