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[Short Docu] Future Perfect Land
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Updated Sep 2021
Location BER
Topics Architecture, Art, Film, Landscape, Multimedia
BERLIN, 2021. FuturePerfectLand is an open air funfair for speculative realities. A former distillery in Reinickendorf is transformed into a haptic, affective and performative fairground, set against the backdrop of industrial brick buildings overtaken by wild greenery. The site-specific, immersive, participatory and transdisciplinary environments submerge you in a liminal world on the border between reality and fiction through audio, visual, performative, narrative and/or somatic strategies.

Magma Studio

Cinematography & Editing

Christian Demarco
Inti Gallardo


Pablo Hassmann

Visual Storyteller from Latin America focused on Migrations, Arts, & Cultures. Currently available for commissions, collaborations, & cultural projects.
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