“So far, yet so close… this is how...
“So far, yet so close… this is how I’ve learned about the world, when the distance between us, thus our diversity, is visualized by means of photography."

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I'm Pablo (b. 1988, America Latina), a Berlin-based photographer & visual storyteller. Before moving to Europe, I studied photography, journalism, and a Master's in visual studies. In the meantime, I worked at UNESCO in Quito, Ecuador, organized a photography festival in Santiago de Chile, and repeatedly moved to places across America Latina. Since 2018, I have actively participated in cultural venues in Berlin, producing photography, video, and visual identity. Currently, I am a self-disciplined freelancer photographer who explores the cross between experimental media and storytelling. Since 2019, I am part & co-founder of
Magma Studio.

June - September 2023: Artistic residency at Stadtbad Kulturforum Brandenburg.

Cherie Birkner, 2023.

Pablo Hassmann

Visual Storyteller from Latin America focused on Migrations, Arts, & Cultures. Currently available for commissions, collaborations, & cultural projects.
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