Become a Patreon

Become a Patreon

Hi dear Patreons!

By supporting my work you will help me to achieve my goals, so to say, offer my photography as a bridge to help each other to make it through a world where the power of images is evolving day by day; study the complexity of image-making; & sharing this information with a larger audience to be aware of the power of a photographic image.

Through this page, you would be able to make your donation. If you prefer other platform, you can find me as well in or you can address it directly to:

Francisco Hassmann
IBAN: DE97 1001 1001 2623 5742 37

Regardless donations, you're always welcome to follow my work through social media and you're always welcome to contact me for collaborations, commissions & assignments.

Thanks for visiting!

(Foto: Izzy Dempsey)

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