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Updated Oct 2020
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[Experimental Film-Festival] The Chi_Cx2020 Art Festival fell under restrictions due to the pandemic Covid-19. Because there were no permissions for events to take place, the festival decided to bundle the entire performance in an online format. From this margin, Magma Studio pre-produced 7 live acts at Monopol Berlin. The stream was the highlight of the festival and was shared as well with the Chilean community. Also, a teaser of the two-hour film was produced to promote the festival in advance. For social media promotion of the festival, Magma created a portrait series and documented the exhibitions that could take place, enabling artists to be noticed and able to show their works to larger audiences. See the full video online here.

Pablo Hassmann

Visual Storyteller from Latin America focused on Migrations, Arts, & Cultures. Currently available for commissions, collaborations, & cultural projects.
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